About Us

Welcome to MyHalalStop, a Halal lifestyle e-commerce platform brought to you by Giift.com exclusively for Visa cardholders. The contents on MyHalalStop platform are specially curated for you in collaboration with our global network of Halal/ Muslim-friendly specialized partners, bringing together engaging contents for dining, shopping and globe-trotting experiences.

From in-depth travel itineraries that are specifically crafted to cater for Muslim travelers to essential tools such as mosque locations and prayer times, we enable you to explore the world in the secure knowledge you will never be far from a Halal restaurant or a mosque during your stay.

Browse through the MyHalalshop shop to get a wide range of Islamic lifestyle fashion and Islamic themed merchandise. Enjoy our easy and convenient shopping experience from the comforts of your home and we'll ensure it is delivered to your doorstep.

Indulge your culinary senses with our Halal and Muslim-friendly dining options across Malaysia. Just pay with your VISA credit or debit card at selected merchant outlets to enjoy special discounts and/or dining privileges from time to time.

MyHalalStop also makes it easier for you to give impactful donations using Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf by matching you to credible charity partners on our platform. Our donation section is brought to you in partnership with an award-wining Islamic charity crowdfunding organization whom you can trust to take your donations directly to those in need and make that direct impact. 

MyHalalStop, a gateway to experience the world of lifestyle without compromising your faith or lifestyle choices. 

Our Halal Statement

We would like to assure all our Muslim customers that all the products and services promoted by MyHalalStop are sourced from certified halal partners who are specialists in their own field. May it be dining, travel, shopping, or donations, we will continue to work closely with our partners with utmost due diligence to ensure all products and services within this platform are in full compliance with the Muslim lifestyle.


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